Reimagine CO2

Inspiring the brightest minds around the world to help solve climate change.

A $20 Million global competition to develop breakthrough technologies that will convert CO emissions from power plants and industrial facilities into valuable products like building materials, alternative fuels and other items that we use every day. Teams will be scored on how much CO  they convert and the net value of their products.

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Prize Progress

Prize Progress

Media Mentions

November 15, 2016
Critical steps are being taken by world leaders to address climate change – and politicians aren’t the only ones taking huge strides in the search for solutions. 
October 18, 2016
Can a prize money competition find solutions to scientific and technological problems?
October 18, 2016
With dreams of turning carbon dioxide into everything from concrete to fish food, teams from six countries have advanced beyond the first phase of a $20 million XPRIZE contest to find profitable uses for CO2 emitted by power plants.

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