Bill Borgia

Bill Borgia joined Draper in January of 2016 as the director of Mission Systems, leading a team that delivers systems and products that address customer needs in precision navigation and guidance, autonomous navigation, and precision sensing and instrumentation. Bill has led programs across the life-cycle, ranging from basic and applied research, system development and integration, and operations and maintenance. From 2007-2011, Bill led the Robotics Collaborative Technology Alliance, the US Army’s dedicated research initiative in ground and aerial robotics, where the consortium developed and fielded technology that included driverless ground vehicles, scanning LIDAR systems, and closed-loop human avoidance algorithms for ground vehicles. Bill also led autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, sensing and RF link development for unmanned aircraft systems (drones) from 2004-2007. Beyond robotics and navigation, Bill has also fielded command and control systems around the world. Bill’s management style stresses iterative development with frequent checkpoints to measure both performance and efficacy and adapt as needed, and has published in this area. Bill earned a BS in computer science from Truman State University, an MS in systems engineering from Johns Hopkins University, and an MBA in management as a Sloan Fellow from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.