Help us build a bridge to a cleaner energy future.

The $20M NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE is a global competition to develop breakthrough technologies that will convert CO2 emissions from power plants and industrial facilities into valuable products like building materials, alternative fuels and other items that we use every day.

As much as we need teams to build the technology, we need you. We need a global community of people to help advocate and spread the word about how this groundbreaking competition presents a phenomenal opportunity to finally transform our planet.

Welcome to the $20M NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE Street Team.


One: Spread the Word

Help create awareness for the prize online through websites and social media. Contact local groups, libraries, universities/colleges and other communities near you.


Two: Provide Feedback on the Prize Guidelines

Our prize guidelines are always open to feedback and subsequent refinements to ensure the competition is as fair and impactful as possible. Share your input, suggestions, and improvements!

Next Step: View the prize guidelines here, and then share your thoughts on the forum.

Share Feedback on the Forum

Three: Share Ideas for Solutions to the Prize

Have great ideas for a technology solution for this prize? Do you feel certain approaches, data, and methodologies should be harnessed? What research and guiding material do you feel teams should know? We want to hear your ideas so we can discuss and debate the very best solutions for maximum impact!

Next Step: Share your ideas for solutions on the forum.

Share Solution Ideas on the Forum

Four: Promote and Encourage Team Participation

Prizes are only as good as the teams that build the technology. The more teams we have, the better the prizes, and the more competitive they become, thus producing better results. We need your to help raise awareness and encourage teams to participate and get involved. This is a tremendous way to help the prize benefit from as many smart and creative people as possible!

Next Step: Reach out to chemists, engineers, scientists, innovators and others you know and invite them to explore the prize and assess participating.

Five: Organize a Think Tank Meeting

If you are the organizer of an XPRIZE Think Tank, we would like to encourage you to dedicate a meeting to the new prize, both to inform your members as well as invite discussion and ideation around a solution.

Next Step: Read our dedicated guide below for how to harness provided content to organize an interesting and dynamic XPRIZE Think Tank meeting.

Read the Organizer Guide

Support & Resources

Have questions about the prize or how to get involved? Go and ask in our community forum – all questions are welcome!

Ask a Question

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