John Marano

President, JM Energy Consulting

I am an independent consultant specializing in technology assessment and R&D planning through scale-up. My clients include DOE, EPA and National Labs. I also provide due diligence for private clients and technology seminars for research scientists, engineers and managers interested in learning more about petro and alt fuels and chemicals.

For the last several years, I have been working in carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) evaluating CO2 utilization options for the DOE. I am a cheerleader for this cause! Government efforts on climate change have hit a road block when we need to get started right now. Utilization is a bridge to a low-carbon future. Given a choice, consumers would rather buy low-carbon products than pay a carbon tax. Markets and technologies to produce value-added products need to be developed. I plan to continue pushing forward on this issue.

I am also a fuels junkie, so I will continue working in the alt fuels arena. I am currently evaluating algae and other advanced biofuels technologies for cost and performance.