Peter Psarras

Peter Psarras is a postdoctoral researcher in Energy Resource Engineering in the School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences at Stanford University. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Miami University (2005) and his PhD in Chemistry from Cleveland State University (2014). There, he partnered with the Cleveland-based NASA Glenn Research Center to investigate methane selectivity in Fischer-Tropsch catalysis. Peter joined the Clean Energy Conversion laboratory at Stanford University in the fall of 2014, where his primary focus is to examine various technologies for CO2 separation, including metallic nitrogen-selective membranes and N-functionalized carbon sorbents. Recently, Peter has examined the industry-specific and geography-specific aspects of CO2 capture from industrial sources in connection with various addressable markets for CO2 utilization in the US, with the end goal of developing a merit-order ranking system for the evaluation of source-sink partnerships. His continued focus is on the acceleration of utilization technology progress and uptake, both through techno-economic modeling and material design and development. Peter is a member of the American Chemical Society and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.