Terry Mulligan

Product Manager, Impact & Design

I Prize Equality of Educational Opportunity.

Terry Mulligan joins XPRIZE as a Product Manager for the Impact and Design team, bringing nearly ten years of experience in international development, organizational management, and management consulting.

Passionate about ending global poverty, Mr. Mulligan has led efforts in education, global health, and social enterprise development in Africa and South America.  Prior to joining XPRIZE, he spent six years managing international development organizations in-country. Among his professional achievements, he scaled and managed the top-rated hotel in Tanzania's Kilimanjaro region, established a global health organization's first African branch to provide healthcare to underserved rural communities, managed community-based infrastructure development projects, and was the inaugural first grade teacher and co-administrator of a school built for orphaned and disadvantaged children in Mailisita, Tanzania. 

Mr. Mulligan holds a Master of Business Administration from Georgetown University, and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Missouri. In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering locally around Los Angeles, learning to surf, and exploring the outdoors.