Top 5 Benefits of Becoming a Team: NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE

Top 5 Benefits of Becoming a Team: NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE

XPRIZE has a professional public relations team which will provide teams with international media attention. Previous prizes have had competing teams highlighted in major newspaper articles, magazines, blogs, videos and television shows. This publicity can help teams with engaging new partners and getting your technology to the market. XPRIZE will also feature your team on marketing materials, as well as provide links to your preferred website.

Access to Industrial Testing Facilities
The competition includes access to two dedicated Test Facilities for finalists that are being built specifically for this competition. These facilities will give teams access to an industrial test site at which they can build, test, and/or refine their design, showcase their working technology, invite and host investors and other visitors, and collaborate with other finalists that are also demonstrating on-site. At the heart of each test bed will be a controlled slipstream of flue gas from the power station. One facility is the Integrated Test Center located near Gillette, Wyoming. The other will be located in Western Canada [TBA – watch this space!] Groups working on CO2 conversion, capture, and mitigation -- or any industry-scale clean tech project, for that matter -- understand just how rare and valuable this infrastructure can be, with so few sites like this anywhere in the world.

Professional Resources
XPRIZE will provide fully registered teams with contacts and resources to help get their technologies to market. These resources include organizations that can assist with testing and technology development during all stages of the competition, as well as contacts with the following:

  • potential investors (venture, angel, institutional, and granting agencies)
  • potential customers in end-use industries and application areas
  • information on how to get publicity and how to acquire funding for startup businesses
  • access to networks of incubators and accelerators in the clean tech space, who can be invaluable in helping shape business plans, investor pitches, and market entry generally

Networking With Experts
Teams will be able to meet other experts involved in the carbon mitigation and clean tech community throughout the competition via team summits, and during each phase of testing. Teams also have access to the Carbon Portal where interested groups can sign up (free), create a profile (non-binding) and browse the community of interested teams, find team-mates or technology partners, collaborate or merge with other groups, and ultimately register to compete.

Prize Money
There are two (2) $7,500,000 grand prizes available in this competition, and ten (10) $500,000 milestone prizes. The first place team in each of the two Tracks (A and B; coal flue and natural gas flue) will take home $7,500,000 each at the end of the competition in March 2020. In addition, each finalist will receive a $500,000 milestone prize at the beginning of Round 3 in late 2017. Teams may compete for, and win, both grand prizes if they enter in both Tracks of the competition.

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