NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE Celebrates our Partners

NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE Celebrates our Partners

The NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE is moving forward full-speed ahead. This global competition is in the semi-finals stage, and teams vying for a piece of the grand prize are driving toward demonstrating their CO2 conversion technologies this year. Now, it’s down the real and hard work of trying to take CO2 emissions from fossil fuels at-source - straight from coal-fired power plants and natural gas facilities - and transform them into one or more useful products. The 26 competing teams know this will be a challenge. They also know that finding and building supportive champions, allies and partnerships is mission critical to their success in this competition and beyond.

As part of our ongoing dedication to fostering innovation, XPRIZE is excited to formally announce the support of nine formal partner organizations, each who are committed to supporting the competing teams on their journey to pioneer carbon conversion technologies at an unprecedented scale. Each competitor brings their own ecosystem with them into the competition, and that can be part of what will determine their level of success. At the same time, the group of competitors as a whole -- who together represent the spirit and power of the XPRIZE competition -- have attracted partners who are keen to work with all teams in support of the broader mission of exploring and pushing the boundaries of CO2 conversion technology for the benefit of our planet.

What types of partnerships does this include?

Our partners support teams in a number of ways, often simultaneously. Southern Research and Oil & Gas Sustainability Ltd. are focused on the technological and economic evaluation and analysis of competing teams. Their work is crucial in ensuring that each team and technology is evaluated on a fair and level playing field, which is at the heart of the integrity and transparency of the competition. Southern Research in particular will act as an independent third-party validator of each teams’ performance, a crucial element of the competition.

Enviro Innovate and CMC Research Institutes (CMC) have both stepped up as strategic technology and commercialization partners for teams. CMC’s Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute’s (CCCI) facilities in Richmond, British Columbia offer a unique laboratory and technology development environment in which teams can not only develop their technologies,

but also benefit from expertise in process design, scale up, fabrication and early commercialization strategy development. CCCI, together with its partners BC Research Inc. and the University of British Columbia offer, through their extensive partnership network, access to the largest CleanTech cluster in Canada as well access to research groups and organizations throughout the world. Enviro Innovate offers not only access to their collaboration partners including Enviro Ambient, Queen’s University, Air Liquide, Carbonomics, DuPont Canada, Foley Hoag, KPM, and WorleyParsons, they are also experts on CO2 capture and industrial greenhouse gas reduction technologies. Their unique offering is a combination of access to Round 2 testing and development, strategic partnerships, and access to their growing global carbon management and clean energy cluster partnerships.

Finally, as teams look ahead to commercialization and go-to-market strategy, Innovate Calgary, Calgary Economic Development, and Google Data Centers, are all looking forward to working with the teams help them bridge the gap from initial prototype to in-market production. As we approach the Carbon XPRIZE finals, Innovate Calgary and Calgary Economic Development will be key partners for teams that demonstrate their approaches at the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre in Calgary, Alberta – the natural gas track of the competition. Similarly, the Wyoming Integrated Test Center and its network of partners in and around Gillette, Wyoming, will be a fantastic support resource for finalists that demonstrate in the coal track of the competition.

The NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE would not be possible without the energy, expertise and generous commitment of our sponsors and partners. And watching these developments closely is Google Data Centers, a group committed to sustainability in Google’s Data center operations worldwide, including carbon footprint management of their processes, materials, and physical infrastructure.

Why are partnerships important?

All XPRIZE competitions challenge teams to demonstrate solutions that go beyond what has already been achieved. It’s rare to find a single company, group, or team that accomplishes this type of feat on their own. Partnerships allow teams to build on their strengths, fill in their blind spots, and create synergies that can make their visions tangible. That applies not just to success in the competition, but to their ultimate goals of creating impact in the world by demonstrating and deploying greenhouse gas reducing CO2 conversion technologies at scale.

Why start now?

$20 million dollars is a lot of money. In fact, it’s the second-largest prize purse in XPRIZE history. But at XPRIZE, we often say that the real prize is the market opportunity we strive to create with the XPRIZE competition. Teams are competing for a piece of this future market. That’s why the strategic partnership work starts now, not after the prize is won. Teams understand, as we do, that laying the foundations of these relationships now, in the semi-finals (and in some cases, even before) is the path to future success.

What’s next?

This year at XPRIZE, we are focused on telling the stories of our amazing teams. But each team is really the leader of an entire ecosystem of supporters, partners, and collaborators. These important relationships are a big part of this story. We look forward to continuing to share stories about the productive and dynamic partnerships that have resulted from their creativity and vision already on display in the competition.

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