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Montreal, QC, Canada

About Us

After water, concrete is the most abundant substance on earth. But conventional concrete is made using Portland cement, and cement production accounts for 5% of the world’s CO2 emissions!

Carbicrete has devised a way to make concrete without using cement, replacing it in the mix with steel slag, which is industrial waste. Our concrete is cured with CO2, which is permanently sequestered within the construction product.


Using a process called carbonation activation, CO2 is injected into wet concrete to give it its strength. Because we capture and permanently sequester CO2 in the concrete, products made using our technology are carbon-negative.

These products meet all industry requirements, but have lower material costs, possess the same mechanical properties, and are more durable than their cement-based counterparts.

Our patented technology can be implemented in any concrete products plant with virtually no process flow disruption.


Mehrdad Mahoutian, Ph.D., P.E., is an award-winning scholar, NSERC PGS and FQRNT scholarship awardee and co-inventor of Carbicrete’s technology. He is an expert in sustainability of concrete, microstructure of cementitious materials, durability of concrete and utilization of carbon dioxide. He is a recipient of several awards including William and Rhea Seath Award, CSCE Poster Contest, ACI Concrete Cube Competition and runner up in Dobson Cup Startup Competition.


Mehrdad Mahoutian, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer

Chris Stern, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Yuri Mytko, Chief Marketing Officer