What We Can Learn From Our Backyards

Oct 09 2020

Thursday, October 15 at 5:00PM


How many types of plants, bugs, insects, birds and animals are living just outside your home? Suburban and urban landscapes have completely upended the traditional evolutionary patterns, but now some plants and animals have evolved to become dependent on human-dominated landscapes for their continued existence. Richard Hayden of the Natural History Museum and Peter Hoilihan of the XPRIZE Rainforest will discuss how resilient nature is, the importance of biodiversity in urban environments, and what we can learn from our backyards. 

Richard Hayden has joined the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County to project manage the new master plan design for the La Brea Tar Pits Museum and surrounding landscape. He will be coordinating architects, museum staff, trustees, peer institutions and county and community stakeholders to reimagine this world class institution and unique research site.

Peter Houlihan specializes in planning and leading expeditions into understudied and threatened rainforests all over the world for conservation. Regularly operating in more than 20 countries across Africa, the Americas, and Asia, Peter is passionate about working with local scientists and communities, and inspiring others to learn about our natural world. He has lived and worked extensively throughout the tropics, where he has led nearly 50 large scale expeditions and managed long term conservation programs, particularly in Borneo, Madagascar, the Amazon, Central America, and the Congo Basin.