Carbon Cure

About Us

CarbonCure Technologies has developed a technology that enables concrete – the world’s most abundant man-made material – to permanently capture CO2, while enhancing concrete’s strength and value. CarbonCure has teamed up with leading scientists, engineers and business leaders from the cement and concrete, industrial gas, and green building industries to demonstrate that its CO2-utilization technology can help solve climate change.

Tech Information

CarbonCure’s technology is a retrofit for existing concrete plants, which allows them to sequester waste carbon dioxide to make greener, stronger concrete that is less expensive to manufacture. CarbonCure’s bolt-on technology has already been installed in 40+ concrete plants and is poised to scale globally. With the potential to profitably reduce global CO2 emissions by 709 Megatonnes annually, the CarbonCure team is competing in the Carbon XPRZIE to prove that its game-changing solution is the most viable, scalable option to mitigate climate change.

About Team Leader

Jennifer Wagner is the Vice President of Sustainability for CarbonCure Technologies, and the team lead for Team CarbonCure. Jennifer oversees the sustainability and marketing activities for CarbonCure Technologies, whose award-winning technology recycles waste carbon dioxide to make stronger and greener concrete. Jennifer has a background in analytical chemistry, sustainability consulting, and carbon finance. Jennifer holds a BSc and MSc in chemistry and an MBA.

Team Members

Jennifer Wagner, Robert Niven, Kevin Cail, John Kline, Andrew Baxter, Howard Meyer, Abdul-Aziz Rashad, Ana Maria Uribe, Maria Isabel Echeverri Carvajal, Richard Esposito, Norm Kuntz, John Cook

CarbonCure Technologies Overview

Team Leader:
Jennifer Wagner
Dartmouth, NS, Canada

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