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About Us

Carbon Upcycling Technologies spun out of Zerocor Technologies Inc, an innovative technology commercialization company that focuses on bringing forth cutting edge technical solutions to increase the efficiency and quality of industry practices. CUT’s members are passionate about entrepreneurship and sustainability which made carbon utilization field of distinct interest. We recognize the importance of generating a commodity market for CO2 as it incentivizes companies to invest money in capturing their emissions so it can be sold to innovative businesses like CUT. The team aspires to set an example for industry; proving that CO2 is not waste, but rather a versatile substance that can used to add value to businesses.

Tech Information

Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT) was formed to sequester CO2 emissions in stable, solid nanoparticles with potential for profitable sales across various industries. The company uses an IP-protected process to create GNPs and other nanoparticles using waste CO2 and cheap solid feedstock. The product has shown significant functional performance in; concrete, plastics, ceramic & epoxy coatings, 3D printing filaments, drug delivery, super lubrication, energy storage, asphalt, and solar cell applications amongst a list of 12 different technical validations conducted thus far.

Carbon Upcycling resolves the unique problem of converting CO2 emissions from a liability to an asset. By chemically reacting the CO2 with a solid carbon feedstock, CUT reduces CO2 emissions and produces cost-effective GNPs that can serve as additives in various industries. The CO2 captured in CUT’s process is stable up to 200o Celsius. In 2014, CUT won 500K in the CCEMC’s Grand Challenge, as one of 24 finalists from over 340 applicants. Since then, CUT has scaled its production from 0.5 grams per week to over 1 kg per week, and tested the performance of GNPs in over 12 market applications ranging from concrete, polymers to semiconductors, energy storage, and even pharmaceutical drug delivery.

About Team Leader

Apoorv has served as the president of CUT since the commencement of the CCEMC GC in April 2014. He holds a B Sc. In Chemical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology (2010) and manages technical progress, business development, and academic/industrial partners to ensure the validation, development, scale up, and subsequent commercialization of the firm’s technology. Using lean principles and adhering to the philosophies of open innovation, Apoorv and his team successfully finished the project proposed in the first round of the CCEMC GC more than 20% under budget and 3 months before the estimated timeline. Apoorv is also a member of the Energy Futures Lab, a cohort of Albertans drawn together as a think-tank for policy trajectories which help Alberta make a transition to an low-carbon, sustainable energy future. Most recently, Apoorv was included in Alberta Oil’s “35 Under 35 list” in July 2016. He has represented CUT at various events including Watervent 2014, Rice Alliance CleanTech Forum 2015, Americana 2015, Globe 2016, DSN Network (Warsaw, Poland) 2015, amongst others.

Team Members

Apoorv Sinha, Luke Carson, Greg Boser, Randy Cusson
Team Leader:
Apoorv Sinha
Calgary, AB, Canada

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