About Us

Generating fuel from water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide has been a major scientific challenge in the last century. However, we still have not managed to build a practical, economic, man-made system that can do this on a cost-competitive basis with fossil fuels. Catalytic Innovations (CI) formed in 2015 to use this type of technology, but find new value propositions that avoid direct competition with fossil fuels. In doing so, the CI team brings this science closer to commercial and economic use by addressing pain points in industries focused on sustainability, including water conservation and emissions reduction.

Tech Information

Catalytic Innovations’ technology uses electricity to rearrange the atoms present in water and carbon dioxide to make ethanol and oxygen. Ethanol is an important low-carbon fuel additive in gasoline, and is also recognizable as beverage alcohol. This technology is designed to generate food-grade ethanol - turning air, water, and electricity into drinkable spirits.

About Team Leader

Staff Sheehan is an electrochemist and entrepreneur, who leads Catalytic Innovations and the Catalyst XPRIZE Team built around it. Before this, he led a ragtag band of software developers at Dream8 Inc, worked as a renewable energy consultant in developing countries, and was an emergency medical technician at one point in his adventures. He received his PhD in physical chemistry from Yale University and his BS in chemistry from Boston College.

Team Members

Stafford W. Sheehan

Chi Chen

Juliet K. Kotyk

Aaron J. Bloomfield

Paul T. Anastas

Damian R. Beauchamp
Team Leader:
Stafford W. Sheehan
Fall River, MA, United States

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