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With 80% of global energy demand currently met through the burning of carbon-based fuels, the world faces a growing challenge: reducing climate change causing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions while not damaging a fragile global economy that is sustained by these abundant fossil fuels.  CO2 Solutions (TSX-V:  CST) is addressing this challenge as the leader in the field of enzyme-based CO2 capture.  Our patented technology allows for the efficient capture of CO2 from large stationary emissions sources such as power and steam generation plants, oil production and refining operations, and cement plants, while leveraging existing gas scrubbing equipment approaches already known to industry.  In turn, CO2 Solutions is positioning carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration as a viable climate change mitigation tool as well as enabling the creation of new revenue streams from these waste emissions.

Tech Information

CO2 Solutions (TSX-V:  CST) has commercialized the lowest cost, most environmentally friendly process for the capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) from large stationary emissions sources.  CO2 Solutions’ technology is built around the use of the carbonic anhydrase enzyme which efficiently manages CO2 during respiration in humans and all other living organisms.  Employing a salt water solvent similar to seawater in combination with the enzyme, the result is an ‘industrial lung’ for carbon capture with low operating and capital costs using known equipment infrastructure.  The process efficiently captures and produces a highly pure stream of CO2 which can be beneficially reused or geologically sequestrated. Importantly, it generates no toxic wastes or emissions.  In the XPRIZE competition, CO2 Solution’ highly efficient method of capturing carbon emission will enable the creation of high-value renewable products.

About Team Leader

Before joining CO2 Solutions’ team, Dr. Louis Fradette spent ten years of his career in the industrial sector, initially as a junior process engineer in the oil refining business and, after completing a PhD in Chemical Engineering, in the R&D and operations management of high-technology companies.  He is a Professor of chemical engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal since 2007.  He has broad industrial experience ranging from oil refining and bitumen sands treatment, to ore processing, and polymer composites preparation and extrusion.  He also works as a consultant for many North American, European and Asian companies.

Team Members

Louis Fradette, Richard Surprenant, Robert Zappa

Industrial evolution

Team Leader:
Louis Fradette
Quebec City, QC, Canada

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