Hago Energetics

About Us

We are about saving the planet while making money.  We believe we need to find quick and practical solutions to the problem of increasing global CO2 emissions.

Tech Information

We convert carbon dioxide waste from power plants into drop-in liquid fuels by adding carbon from biomass and hydrogen from methane and using process energy from biomass.

About Team Leader

Wilson Hago has been in the renewable energy space for the past decade.  He has held positions as Director of Biochar Research at Cool Planet Energy Systems, a biomass to biofuels  and Biomass and Biocarbon Specialist at V-Grid Energy Systems.  He was previously  CTO of Efficient Hydrogen Motors, a hydrogen engine design company  incorporating carbon dioxide capture with automobiles. He has 14 patents, and has degrees from Harvard and Brown.

Team Members

Wilson Hago

Alan DeRossett

Richard Wilson
Team Leader:
Wilson Hago
Ventura, CA, United States

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