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Innovator Energy develops breakthrough solutions to global energy challenges, with a primary focus in capturing and converting carbon dioxide emissions. Innovator Energy has developed and patented an unprecedented CO2 capture process that uses 96% less energy than the most efficient existing technologies and captures CO2 at less than $8 per ton. The team is based out of Yale University (New Haven, CT) and is constructing demonstration prototypes in San Antonio, TX.

Tech Information

Flue gas CO2 is captured using Innovator Energy’s breakthrough CO2 capture process, which uses a novel mechanism to separate CO2 from flue gas. The CO2 capture system in Round 2 requires 96% less energy than existing amine technologies. Innovator Energy then converts this captured CO2 into acetic acid and syngas through a proprietary process. Innovator Energy’s Round 2 demonstration prototype is under construction in San Antonio, TX.

About Team Leader

Ethan Novek is an 18 year old inventor and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Innovator Energy and a member of the Elimelech Research Group at Yale University. His focuses include (i) CO2 capture and conversion, (ii) harnessing untapped sustainable energy resources, and (iii) converting waste streams into value-added products. Ethan has two granted utility patents related to his work. He self-studied his Junior and Senior years of high school at Yale University, where he wrote, published and is first author on a peer-reviewed journal article regarding one of his CO2 capture technologies in the American Chemical Society journal, Environmental Science and Technology Letters. This past year, Ethan was a lead panelist at the Princeton University Environmental Tech. Startup Panel and spoke at GreenBiz, the Tallisen West Walton Sustainability Solutions Festival, and on CBS.

Team Members

Ethan Novek

Menachem Elimelech
Team Leader:
Ethan Novek
New Haven, CT, United States

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