About Us

What if we could use the world’s greenhouse gas as a resource to make sustainable materials? Founded in 2003, Newlight Technologies has developed a carbon capture technology that converts greenhouse gas into a bioplastic material called AirCarbon. AirCarbon is made by pulling carbon out of greenhouse gas and using that carbon to build sustainable materials that replace oil-based plastics. At Newlight, we believe that the best way to reduce the amount of carbon in the air is to capture carbon and use that carbon as a resource to create high-value products. Our team is dedicated to building a more sustainable future by transforming the products that are a part of our daily lives into high-performance products that capture carbon and change how we impact the world.

Tech Information

Newlight Technologies uses a microorganism-based biocatalyst to extract carbon from greenhouse gas and string it together into a long-chain bioplastic molecule, called AirCarbon. Following polymerization, AirCarbon is converted into a pellet for downstream use, including in extrusion, cast film, and injection molding applications.

About Team Leader

As CEO and co-founder of Newlight, Mark has over a decade of experience in chemical, biological, and process engineering, intellectual property development, and strategic business development. Mark has received various U.S. and international patents, executed a range of strategic partnerships, and helped lead the growth of Newlight’s greenhouse gas-to-material conversion platform.  Mark graduated magna cum laude High Honors from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and Political Theory, with additional work in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry.

Team Members

Mark Herrema (CEO), Kenton Kimmel (CTO), Evan Creelman (COO)
Team Leader:
Mark Herrema
Huntington Beach, CA, United States

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