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What if we could use the world’s greenhouse gas as a resource to make sustainable materials?  Founded in 2003, Newlight Technologies has developed and commercialized a cost-competitive carbon capture technology that converts greenhouse gas into a material called AirCarbon. AirCarbon is made by pulling carbon out of greenhouse gas and using that carbon to build materials that replace oil-based plastics by matching on performance and outcompeting on price. At Newlight, we believe that the best way to reduce the amount of carbon in the air is to capture carbon and use that carbon as a resource to create products that reduce cost and replace oil.  Our team is dedicated to building a more sustainable future by transforming the products that are a part of our daily lives into high-performance products that capture carbon and change how we impact the world.

Tech Information

Newlight Technologies uses a microorganism-based biocatalyst to extract carbon from greenhouse gas and combine it with oxygen from air to polymerize a solid polymer molecule, called AirCarbon.  Following polymerization, AirCarbon is converted into a pellet for downstream use, including in extrusion, blown film, cast film, thermoforming, fiber spinning, and injection molding applications.

About Team Leader

As CEO and co-founder of Newlight, Mark has over a decade of experience in chemical, biological, and process engineering, intellectual property development, and strategic business development. Mark has received numerous U.S. and international patents, steering Newlight through multiple private placement offerings, executing a range of strategic partnerships, and leading the growth of Newlight’s gas-to-material conversion platform from concept to commercial scale.  Mark graduated magna cum laude High Honors from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and Political Theory, with additional work in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry.

Team Members

Mark Herrema (CEO), Kenton Kimmel (CTO), Evan Creelman (COO)

Newlight: From Greenhouse Gas to Plastic

Team Leader:
Mark Herrema
Costa Mesa, CA, United States

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