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Kiverdi is a biotech company pioneering a novel approach to producing oils and protein with an advanced, NASA-inspired technology that uses microbes and carbon dioxide. The advantage of the Kiverdi approach is that production happens in hours, instead of months, with a process that uses 2,000x less water and is significantly simpler. Kiverdi’s innovation expands microbial production beyond yogurt, beer, cheese and bread, to oils and protein. The Kiverdi technology was developed in collaboration with the Lawrence Berkeley Labs and with funding from US Department of Energy’s ARPA-E, US Department of Energy’s BETO, Iowa Economic Development Authority, and the California Energy Commission.

Siemens​: With over 160 years of engineering history, the Siemens gas turbine business is at the forefront of energy sustainability - supplying efficient power and lifetime product service to the global oil and gas industry, power generation and mechanical drive applications. Kiverdi is working with Siemens to provide new carbon capture solutions to the marketplace.

Tech Information

The world needs more protein. Due to a population increase to 10 billion, by 2050 and an increasing demand for protein-rich diets, it is estimated that we will need to almost double food production. Modern agriculture cannot sustainably expand to meet this demand. Why not? 19M sq. miles of land has already been cleared for crops and livestock. This is equivalent to an area the size of South America and Africa combined. Our current practices also emits more greenhouse gases than our cars, trucks, planes and trains combined. Kiverdi's innovative process can provide solutions. We have built a revolutionary bioprocess, inspired by NASA, to convert H2 and CO2 or syngas into oils and protein. Microbial production is already an integral part of how we produce food, from bread and yogurt, to miso soup and pickles. Kiverdi is taking this to the next level by making protein.

About Team Leader

Dr. Dyson is the CEO and Co-Founder of Kiverdi. Dr. Dyson has broad business experience developing corporate strategies in a number of industries including in packaging, energy, automotive, chemicals, and non-profits. While at The Boston Consulting Group, Dr. Dyson worked with executives at multi-national Fortune 100 corporations to help them solve strategic business problems. Dr. Dyson is a co-inventor of the Kiverdi technology and her technical experience includes research in physics and bioengineering at MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Princeton, Univ. of London, UCSF and Lawrence Berkeley Labs. Dr. Dyson has a PhD from MIT.

Team Members

Jil Geller, PhD
Guy Penard  
Lisa Dyson, PhD  
John Reed, PhD  
Steven M. Yannone, PhD
Michael Welch  
Andrew Pym 
Scot Bryson 

Kiverdi: Carbon Recycling

Team Leader:
Lisa Dyson
Hayward, CA, United States

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