Tandem Technical

About Us

We spend our time mimicking nature, we’ve learned how to fly, how to create light, how to farm, but still, we haven’t figured out how to truly recycle and reuse. Today almost everything we use is thrown in the trash, even the items we put out for recycling are sent to places like India where they get converted to low value non-recyclable products. The NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE is the first step in realizing a truly zero waste future.  Tandem Technical, formed in 2015, is composed of scientists, engineers, and businessmen with the belief that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

About Team Leader

Jerry Flynn is a chemical engineer with aspirations to help make companies green. He is the founder of Tandem Technical, a business based in Canada whose purpose is to make carbon capture not only easy, but also profitable for clients. Jerry has 8 years of experience in process engineering. Prior to designing the patent pending technology that Tandem Technical has brought to the market, Jerry worked for a diverse range of organizations, including cosmetics, ore refinement, and lithium ion research development and production – all of which have given him the know-how to ensure Tandem Technical can cater to the needs of current industry. Jerry has worked hard to create an all inclusive system that transforms CO2 into a valuable, high quality compounds, and his technology integrates seamlessly with any operating plant that has flue emissions.

Team Members

Jerry Flynn, Salim Moradipour, Nitish Kumar
Team Leader:
Jerry Flynn
Ottawa, ON, Canada

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