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TerraCOH's journey began at the University of Minnesota with Drs. Martin Saar and Jimmy Randolph’s work with their novel creation that redefined legacy geothermal power production.  Their Carbon Dioxide Plume Geothermal – CPG™ technology is the next generation of geothermal, lowering both the capital and operating cost for electricity production and exponentially increasing the geographic extent. This simultaneously allows power generators to lower their costs while meeting their customers’ and regulators’ demands for 24/7, emission free power. Their technique gained national recognition prompting collaborations with Lawrence Livermore National Lab, The University of Ohio and ETH Zürich. Together with these partners it was discovered that using the CPG™ process as the catalyst for an additional novel operation using the earth as a storage container to harness energy.

Tech Information

TerraCOH’s Carbon Dioxide Plume Geothermal-Earth Battery • CPG-EB™ technology permanently, safely, and profitably stores vast quantities of CO2 in the earth to harvest geothermal energy, store energy from electric grids and thermal energy from low-carbon above-ground sources, such as solar thermal farms and decarbonized fossil energy power plants. Our system is recharged when supply exceeds demand and discharged when demand exceeds supply. Our technology minimizes water usage associated with power generation, while generating water by removing it to assure safe underground pressures.

About Team Leader

Dr. Jimmy B. Randolph, Chief Technical Officer, Chairman of the Board, Inventor - Dr. Randolph is a founder of TerraCOH, Inc., a company focused on commercialization of novel CO2-geothermal power production and energy storage technologies, comes to TerraCOH from Heat Mining Company LLC, where he was Senior Scientist and Chief Technical Officer. At Heat Mining, he was responsible for new technology development; developing strategic partnerships for intellectual property acquisition, equipment manufacturing, project development, and financing; and advancing proprietary and acquired technology to a commercial product stage. As co-inventor of the CO2 Plume Geothermal (CPG)™ technology, he has numerous issued and pending patents in the fields of geothermal energy, CO2-based power systems, geologic energy storage, and hydrogen power systems. He received a B.A. in physics and mathematics (with honors) from St. Olaf College in 2006 and a Ph.D. with Prof. Saar in geophysics from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, in 2011. As an active researcher Dr. Randolph was focusing on numerical and analytical modeling of geophysical fluid and heat transfer, specifically applied to geothermal energy, geologic CO2 sequestration, groundwater flow, and novel power systems.

Team Members

Dr. Jimmy Randolph, Dr. Jeffrey Bielicki, Dr. Thomas Buscheck, John Griffin, Steven Price, Dr. Martin Saar

Team Leader:
Jimmy Randolph
Excelsior, MN, United States

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